Get The Flow

Get The Flow

67% of stuttering children used the app to practice speech. The app was downloaded 13,453 times. Around 13,200 children aged 6-12 suffer from stuttering (sources: CBS, NFS). The app has helped thousands to improve their speech skills. The app (rated 4.1 stars) is now an official stutter therapy, offered in 70 official stutter practices in the Netherlands. Social sentiment was 95% positive. The boy that starred in our documentary is now stutter free!

‘Get The Flow’ was featured in every major Dutch media title and picked up by many international media. We reached 66% of the Dutch population and the campaign got +89 million media impressions.

The media value we collected through earned media represented a value of €5.2 million.
57% of the people we reached connected the campaign to the Vodafone brand. It raised the brand on the brand image statements Positive Feeling +36%, Trust +18%, Innovative +77%, Emotional Connection +53%.

Various studies have shown that when people who stutter start rapping, their stutter disappears. We created a free mobile app that uses rap to help children speak more fluently. Rap provides guidance and rhythm, which really helps people who stutter. Many stutter therapies lack fun speech exercises. The ‘Get The Flow’ app combines speech exercises with something kids do like: Dutch hip hop. 

We collaborated with famous Dutch rappers and the Dutch Stutter Federation. For every exercise they wrote special rap lyrics that make use of tongue twisters and alliterations that are hard to pronounce for children who stutter. A custom-built timing system automatically recognises if kids don’t stutter. Kids can see their improvements, share their tracks and connect with other stuttering kids to practice together. The design was inspired by hip hop culture. The illustrations and animations gave the app a fun and playful look and feel, attractive to young children.

In the Netherlands Vodafone runs a brand engagement programme called ‘Powerful Connections’. With this programme the network provider aims to underline their vision that mobile technology connects people and changes their lives for the better. We were asked to create an impactful campaign that would convince people this is more than just an empty promise.

To accomplish this, we decided to create a mobile technology solution to a social issue. We saw that stuttering is a serious issue in the Netherlands and stuttering is all about communication, which laid the foundation for our creative idea.

In the Netherlands 5% of all children stutter. Many become victims of bullying, which causes low self-esteem. Instead of practicing their speech by talking in public, children choose the easy alternative to communicate: their mobile phones. We tapped into this issue and created an app for children aged 8-14 to help them speak more fluently and connect with others.

Get The FlowGet The Flow

Jury Feedback


Strong idea. Powerful insight brought lo life in a very relevant way. Both for the brand and the audience. Crafted really well. And smart use of brand ambassadors.


The ultimate example of how technology contributes to better communication and making an actual difference. Not a quick fix but a relevant solution with longevity.


Touching story of how technology can be a of great help overcoming speech disorder. It boils down to the essence of what mobile technology is about; communication.

The app, the music and even the celebrities work seamlessly together in a story that flows naturally, doesn’t brag or gets overly sentimental.


Beautiful example of a real design-solution based on a strong insight. Idea, style, interface, content with celebrities; everything is right.


Great way of using youth culture and tech. It’s very relevant to the band and feels fresh and innovative.