We are Esther van Brakel and Joran Backx. Both creative minds from different disciplines. Esther is a fashion designer who uses smart technology in her work, filling the gap between offline and online identities. Joran is a conceptual designer, with a background in coding and advertising, who loves to work with data and technology.

We present to you our concept, re:wear Adidas.
A concept that rethinks the way we look at fashion.

With re:wear we extend the circular of fashion items, which is a relief to the

environment. Instead of buying over 30 shirts in one year, you only have to buy one shirt that gives you enough for three years, or longer. By buying the re:wear shirt you show offline that you care about the environment and online you stay trendy as always.

Adidas will stand out with re:wear by produce the first digital collection. An amount of PR will be generated, not only for the mission but think about a catwalk show where you have to watch to the screen instead of the models. Open a shop with only one shirt hanging in, or a campaign with influencers and artist like Gullyguyleo or Dua Lipa wearing the collection in their vlogs and clips. Adidas taking their fans to a next level of experience the adidas brand.


adidas presents: ‘re:wear’
the digital collection against the fast fashion industry

As a solution to all the clothing that is worn once and thrown away, adidas brings forward a collection that can only be worn digitally, reducing waste and pollution in the fashion industry. All this without losing your style in your online image.

re:wear adidas,
Update your originals.


One shirt that allows you to wear the latest collections, digitally

re:wear is a fully sustainable produced t-shirt combined with an app. The app recognises the pattern of the shirt and uses Augmented Reality to place 3D models of Adidas clothes on your body. Just like Snapchat does with filters on your face. In the app you can make pictures and video’s that can be shared easily to your social media profiles. The app can be also be integrated in services like as WhatsApp or FaceTime, to make video calls in your new sweater. To make people aware of the re:wear mission, the app will give you background stories with every new update.

The collections are designed by designers of adidas but can also
be a collaboration with other artist to make exclusive collections
or collections that are only available for 24 hours.


Unfortunately, our fashion statements pollute the world more than oil.

Research shows that the fast fashion industry is more polluting than the oil and chemical industries. The production of a basic t-shirt requires the same amount of water that one person drinks in two-and-a-half years.
In one year, over one million clothes are burned rather than recycled. And in total, the fashion industry emits over 1.2 billion tones of CO2.


What we wear yesterday is already forgotten by today. We are living in a fast moving social life where one post can make youor break you. In this 24 hours mentality where you need to think before you share, your online image management is more important then ever. This way of sharing is similar to the fast fashion industry: every trends comes and goes and is already done when your wear it. We buy, we wear and we toss away.


As the number one sustainable fashion brand, we want to produce less waste

Adidas is listed fifth among the ‘Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World’ and is recognised as a leader in its industry. It is the third consecutive year that the company is included in the Top 10 of the Global 100 Index. To grow on this goal and to stay number one, adidas can jump into this domain and serve this group of people who want to stay on trend but don’t think about sustainability.


Jury Feedback


Adidas x RE:WEAR is one of those ideas that makes the creative stomach rumble with envy. It’s a statement that is as bold as those who dare to wear it and those who dare to present it for this talent jury. This is a bottom up solution that could be a gamechanger for the fashion industry. definitely deserves an award for courage, originality and creativity: Bronze.